Detoxing Narratives Team

... studied education and special needs education in Vienna. She holds a Senior Lecturer-/PostDoc-position at the Center for Teacher Education at the University of Vienna and is co-founder of BeeFLIP (, a NGO aiming at the development and promotion of academic projects in the context of inclusive education. Gertraud grew up in Southern Burgenland and lives in Vienna for ages now, but also had worked (and lived) in Quito (Ecuador), Halle and Leipzig (both Germany). She is interested in Dis/Ability Studies (in Education), Life History Research and Participatory/Inclusive Research – coupled with a tiny hint of activism.

... studied education and special needs education in Vienna and Berlin. After finishing her PhD in education studies which led her to fall in love with Thailand and Ethiopia, she has worked as a research associate at Kingston University London. Since 2015 she is back at the University of Vienna, currently as a TT professor of Inclusive Education (Center for Teacher Education, Department of Education). Her research interests focus on inclusive education, specifically at the nexus of culture and disability. Travelling and striving for equality and implementation of human rights have always been both passion and vocation.

... studied primary education at the Institut Unterstrass PHZH in Zurich. Subsequently, he worked as a special education teacher and studied special education and science of education at the University of Zurich. After graduation, he started working as a researcher at the University of Zurich (Institute of Education) and finished his doctoral theses in 2016. Since 2018 he is professor for inclusive education at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (School of Education).

... studied Education Science, European Ethnology and Jewish Studies (focus on History and Jewish Culture) in Berlin and Potsdam. She came to Vienna planning to stay for half a year - and left 7 years later to see the world and find other stories. At the moment, she lives in Tyrol trying to make sense of "mountain people." Her emphasis in education is on the nexus of education and culture, photography in/and education, and foundations of education.